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Abandoned/ Abandonment
One of several grounds for a fault divorce. (Abandoned child / spouse) who has not been on contact
with or received support from another parent or spouse. When one spouse moves out from the home
which place of the couple shares without the consent or against the wishes of the other spouse. A
court finding of child abandonment to terminates parental rights and allows the child to be adopted
without permission of the parents.

same as Desertion >> Fault Divorce >> Grounds of Divorce >> Violence >> Separation >>

Desertion as same as Abandonment. Act of a relation in which their owe duties, an unjustified
cessation from cohabitation, with intent not to resume it and without the consent of the other
spouse. Desertion is grounds for a fault divorce.

Most states require the plaintiff to prove the complaints under the points as below;

1) The defendant left the marital home for over one year;
2) The parties failed to agree to such departure;
3) The party who left failed to pay support; and
4) The reason for the departure was not caused by the plaintiff. - Copyright © 2010 All Rights Reserved. Terms of Use . Privacy Policy