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Abuse = (Cruel and Abusive Treatment / Physical & Emotional Abuse)

One of grounds for a fault divorce. The person (who called an abuser) act to do cruel or violent things
to spouse or children over a period of time including;

Verbal Abuse - saying cruel to hurt the victim emotion as threaten or tease.
Physical Abuse - make hurt upon unkind physically treatment as beating and attack.
Psychological Abuse - strong emotionally abuse to cause emotional pain to victims and force the
victim to comply with the abuser's wishes as stalking.
Sexual Abuse - force the spouse or child or person upon the sexual without consent by abuser as rape
or incest.

The plaintiff wherein must be prove the physically or emotional harm to her or himself or children. The
plaintiff can retain the right at trial to enter into evidence 'the behavior of the parties during the
marriage'- to assert abuse in the complaint simply precludes the court from granting a divorce on this
ground. Court issues DSS order if it was extremely serious or life-threatening. However, the court is
considering the evidences of spousal abuse from the medical report (physical and psycho) in making its
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