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Child Custody is legal guardianship right of children and responsibility to protect, care and control of
minor children awarded by the court to one parent in a divorce proceeding. Some courts have awarded
custody to both parents so that responsibility for the children is shared. Under a joint custody order,
each parent would assume custody of the children for a fixed period, such as for six months or for the
school year or for the summer vacation. Today's courts do not favor either parent more than the other.
The law says a custody award is based on what's best for the child, to make decisions on his or her
behalf, as applied to property, the condition of holding a thing within one's personal care and control;
such control over a person as will insure his or her presence at a hearing.

Kinds of Custody:
- Legal custody is the right and responsibility to make decisions for a child.
Physical custody is where a child will live and Relates to the physical location of the child.
Joint custody 'Joint', 'Split' and 'Shared' legal custody require both parents' approval of all major
decisions. The parents make major decisions about the child together - decisions about education,
health, and religion. Father and mother are joint guardians. The father and mother of every minor child
are joint guardians of the person of the minor, and the powers, rights and duties of the father and the
mother in regard to the minor shall be equal. If either father or mother dies or is removed as guardian,
the other parent of the minor child shall become the sole guardian of the person of the minor.
Sole custody just one parent has the right to make the major decisions.
Custody VS Visitation

Visitation / Visitation Right who is deprived custody of a child to visit the child on a regular basis. In
family law, the legal right granted by a court to noncustodial parent or other noncustodial relative
parent to spent time with his/her a child.

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